Cold room hinged doors which are one of Fipa Sogutma’s most assertive products are produced up to maximum 100 cm net passing width and in any required width as standard. Frame and blade thickness is same as the thickness of the panel used. Surfaces are produced same as the panel surfaces or with optional surface choices per request.
Non-bacteria cultivating impermeability that conforms to Food Regulation is ensured via silicon based seal. It is produced with rubber dashboard or threshold per area of use. Frame connection detail is done in the same type as wall panels, fixed to the panel or to the wall. All of the lock and hinge parts are imported. Hings are elevating type and have the feature of closing system via spring mechanism. Fipa
Fipa Indoor emergency exit handle ensures opening of the door despite it is locked from outside.

25 watt/m resistance cable is run through an aluminium channel in the door frame in the frozen preservation room doors.
Detaching the specially designed cover on the aluminium channel enables the replacement of the resistance cable later. Power supply is 220 volts. Fipa