The PVC Strip and hit door presents the ideal solution for the foodstuff factories, which have been reconstructed according to the Turkish Food Codex.

Clarity : All "seetthure" PVC materials have outstanding transparent qualities.Because of this, visual distortion is nearly non-exitent giving these PVC products a definite advantage when it comes to safety.
Safety Orange : In addition to the "see-thru" quality of our tranparent material,all of our P.V.C. strip and sheet products are manifactured of flame resistant compounds an extruded With rounded edges
Cleaning : To clean P.V.C. use soapy water and rinse. For deep-cleaning, apply a mixture of 95% water and 5% ethanol with a soft cloth or sponge and wash thorougly to minimize plasticizer extration.

  • Reduces Hot or Cold Air Loss
  • Increases Economic Productivity with Energy Saving
  • Restricts Movement of Air Pollutants
  • Admits Light for Safer Environment
  • Provides Bird and Flying Insect Control
  • Isolates Noisy Machinery
  • Increases Employee Comfort
  • Easy to Install
  • Strong and Durable
  • Minimizes Maintenance
  • Provides hygiene for businesses
PVC Şerit Perde Standart PVC Strip
Standart flexible transparent PVC Strip material from 200 mm to 400 mm wide and from.2 mm to 4 mm thick.
PVC Perde
Douple Off-Set Ribbed PVC Strip
Structure of the ribs : Widht/height approx.2,5 mm, distance approx.48 mm, on the opposite side each approx.14 mm offset.Since the ribs reduce surface contact, statik build-up is minimized.

Low Temp. PVC Strip
This material provides most of the benefits of standart PVC but maintains flexibilty as low -45º.It is designed for both interior and exterior applications. Special plasticizers are added to reduce fading and yellowing due U.V. light.

Anti Bacterial PVC Strip
This additive gives affective prevention of growth of bacteria on plastic surfaces which is often accompanied by colour formation and odour development. It is the ideal product to guarantee hygienic properties for finished goods.
Anti Static PVC Strip
Actual best available properties in the market! Application:Electronic industry, pharmaceutic industry

Frosted PVC Strip
Frosted PVC Material offers a translucent quality that allows light transmission but restricts a clear view through the strip

Weld Screen/Red PVC Strip
Amber and Aztec Red colored transparent PVC protects against the effects of U.V.light emitted during arc welding. Hoeever, eye protection should be worn for direct viewing of welding arcs even throught this material.
Orange PVC Strip
Safety Orange PVC Material is used to identify opening perimeters and areas for safety purposes.
Red PVC Strip
Red PVC Material is used to identify opening perimeters and areas for safety purposes.
Black/White/Opaque PVC Strip
Opaque materials are used where light transmission and visibility are sought to be eliminated.


  Wall Mounting galvanize / stainless
  Ceiling mounting galvanize / stainless
  Wall/ceiling montaj galvanize / stainless