Wall, ceiling and ground panels for every kind of your isolation need...

Maximum isolation with minimum thickness.

Easy montage, demontage, enlarge, make smaller, carry opportunities.

40 kg/m³ homogeneous density.

Poliester, PVC, Cr-Ni, Plywood, Galvanize wall, ceiling and ground panels is provided as wanted exact thickness.

Our Panels hygienically conforms to European Uninon food regulations.
It is possible to keep all nutrients as well as the chemical products and medicines in suitable conditions only with hot room and stores established with panels.Fipa Sogutma to provide this need of cooling sector,produces wall,ceiling and ground panels and realizes any search for quality knowing how matters economy of energy for isolation.To prefer the products of Fipa Sogutma will result in the superiority of quality and efficient working.

Cold room and stores are the most ideal preferences to keep the product stored in required heat.Use of cold room includes a wide circle; hotels, restaurants, patisseries and buffets, markets, slaughterhouses, fishing and sea products sector, all nourishment producers and wholesalers, chemistry and medicine industry, laboratories and hospitals.

Different dimensioned panels which are needed for different dimensioned cold room and stores that will provide the needs of all these sectors are produced by Fipa Sogutma in international standards and served with same guarantees.

Fipa Sogutma wall-ceiling and ground panels can be produced in 60-80-100-120-150-200 mm thick,1200 mm width and 500mm-12000 mm length depending on the need.

Fipa  Fipa 
Fipa Sogutma ground panels;12 mm thick internal surface,surface layers from original birch tree,non-slipping,non-damping,hygienic and practical,easy to upkeep; hexagen dark brown top surface, fenolic resin laminated plywood in 240gr/m2 density;0.50 mm thick out surface,hot layered galvanize sheet.Ground panels has the capacity to carry 3000kg/m2 load.

Internal surface is coated with 304 quality 0,60 mm thick stainless steel sheet metal which is glued on 10 mm thick imported plywood with a special technique and given a non - slip form. The external surface is 0,50 mm thick hot dipped galvanized sheet metal.

Internal surface is coated with 0,60 mm thick 200 micron non - toxic PVC laminated hot dipped sheet metal which is glued on 9 mm thick imported plywood with a special technique. The external surface is 0,50 mm thick hot dipped galvanized sheet metal.

It is non-slip, hygienic, easy to maintain marine type plywood the internal surface of which is minimum 9 mm; its outer layers are made of original birch tree and upper surface is coated with dark brown, hexagonal patterned 240 gr/m2 phenolic resin. Its external surface is 0,50 mm thick hot dipped galvanized sheet metal.

Floor panels have 3000 kg/m2 uniformly distributed load carrying capacity.



Fipa Sogutma wall and ceiling panels are produced enjecting 0,50 mm thick polyuretan which has 40kg/m3(+%5) density between two sheets;external material depending on the need and the use is a sheet of:


Wall-ceiling panels are produced in two types as smooth and trapesed

Flat panel is predominantly used in cold rooms. Its load carrying capacity differs according to the thickness of the panel used.

Trapezoid panels are generrally used in industrial cold stores. Trapezoid surface allows more broad apertures being passed by increasing the panel carriage capacity.

Panels are connected to each with a specially designed lock system.The feature of this lock system is to provide panels’ assemble/dissamble without any change in its structure.This case makes add or subtraction possible any time easily and gets panels’structure stronger.